We provide a range of services under specific areas of law.

Criminal Defence

We provide representation in all courts throughout Scotland in respect of any criminal charge. We have significant experience in defending people charged with offences in the Justice of the Peace Court, Sheriff Court and High Court. We provide advice, assistance and representation in relation to offences such as robbery, assault, theft, shoplifting, housebreaking, breach of the peace, offensive weapons, fraud including benefit fraud, sexual offences, police assault and resisting arrest, drug offenses and appeals.

Road Traffic

We also regularly appear at court on behalf of people who are charged with road traffic offences. We can assist in defending charges such as dangerous driving, careless driving, speeding, driving without insurance and mobile phone offences. We also provide representation to assist you in trying to save your licence at special reasons and exceptional hardship hearings.

Police Interview

All accused persons detained at a police station awaiting interview have the right to seek advice from a solicitor. We provide a 24 hour service and can provide advice prior to interview on the telephone or in person and can also be present when you are interviewed.

We also have substantial experience in appearing before the Parole Board. All prisoners require to have their case considered by the Parole Board when they receive a sentence of life imprisonment or a sentence in excess of four years. Any prisoner serving a life sentence shall automatically receive an oral hearing upon their parole qualifying date. Other prisoners may request an oral hearing. We will visit any person in custody and provide advices to anyone subject to parole. We can also make representations on behalf of that person both in writing and personally at any oral hearing.

Children's Hearings
We also have extensive experience in representing both children and parents who are involved in the Children's Hearing system. We can provide representation at any Children's Hearing and any referral made to the Sheriff Court.

Mental Health Tribunals
Harding & Company also provide assistance and representation for any patients who are due to appear before the Mental Health Tribunal. We can also provide the same services in respect of any family member who has been invited to and wishes to attend the Tribunal. We have significant experience in this area and our specialist is a curator ad litem appointed by the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland.

If you have an questions regarding our professional services please call us at:

    0141 552 8880

If you have an questions regarding our professional services please call us at:

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